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Residential Aged Care Infection Control Audit Tool

Courtesy of Australian Grampians Region Infection Control Group.


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NICE Infection: prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections in primary and community care

This document offers evidence-based advice on the prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections in primary and community care. New and updated recommendations address areas in which clinical practice for preventing healthcare-associated infections in primary and community care has changed, where the risk of healthcare-associated infections is greatest, and where the evidence has changed.

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Canada LTCF IPC Guidelines

Infection Prevention and Control Best Practices for Long Term Care, Home and Community Care including Health Care Offices and Ambulatory Clinics June, 2007

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GP Practice Audit tool

A good template courtesy of WORCESTERSHIRE NON ACUTE NHS INFECTION CONTROL SERVICE  for auditing a GP practice.

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Ireland Guidelines for prevention and control of influenza in residential care facilities 2014

These guidelines are aimed at all Public Health professionals involved in the prevention and control of influenza in residential care facilities.

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CDC Recommended Infection Control Practices for Dentistry

CDC website

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Guidelines for tatoo parlours and similar settings

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UK Residential Care Home Infection Control Checklist

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