ESBL Patient Visitor Information

The CDHB IP&C team have recently updated a patient & vistor information sheet. Please feel free to use and/or adapt as required.

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ESBL Risk-Based Assessment for Patient Placement

Increasing numbers of ESBL positive patients and lack of single rooms and toilets in CDHB hospitals required the development of a risk-based assessment tool to decide on patient placement. It also provides information for precautions required in each risk bracket to add staff in developing care plans.

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Standard Precautions

A 2012 version from Canterbury Health District Board

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Cleaning and Disinfecting Commodes 2012

This was developed after investigating possible cross infection of Clostridium difficile in a inpatient clinical area. The investigation revealed inconsistencies in cleaning and disinfection of commodes. The concept was developed after seeing how a clinical area in a Canadian hosptial reduced their clostridium difficile rate by having a consistent method for cleaning and disinfecting commodes.

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Get Tough Clean Your Stuff

A poster reprinted with the permission of Holland Bloorview, Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, Canada. This poster is going to be used as part of a campaign within Canterbury District Health Board healthcare facilities to encourage staff to clean patient monitoring equipment before and after use. Related Links > Get Tough Clean Your Stuff

Visitor - Cough and Sneeze poster 2012

A new Visitors poster developed due to increased Pertussis by Christchurch Womens Hospital, Canterbury District Health Board in 2012Related Links > Visitor Cough & Sneeze Poster 2012

Pertussis poster

Reproduced with permission of NSW government and used in the Canterbury District Health Board hospitals

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How to Clean your hands.

An updated 2011 Hand Hygiene poster from the Infection Prevention and Control team at the Canterbury District Health Board

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Hand Hygiene New Zealand Posters

5 posters from HHNZ - also downloadable from the HHNZ website.

HHNZ Resources

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